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Anyone loves them, just find your demands on below Seafood products, Inquiry for best offer.

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Fish More>>
  • Alaska Pollock Fillets

  • Chum Salmon Portion

  • Tilapia Fillets Overlap

  • Tilapia Fillet Deep Skinned

Shrimp More>>
  • White Shrimp Cooked Head On Shell On

  • White Shrimp Headless Shell On-IQF

  • White Shrimp Cooked Tailed Peeled Off

  • White Shrimp Headless Shell On-BQF

Squid More>>
  • Illex Squid Tubes

  • Todarodes Squid Tubes

  • Todarodes Squid Rings

  • Loligo Squid Rings

Surimi More>>
  • Surimi Crab Claw With Pincer

  • Surimi Filament Stick

  • Surimi Flake

  • Surimi Minced Stick

Value added products More>>
  • Breaded Shrimp

Other products More>>
  • Frozen Boiled Greenshell Mussel On The Half Shell

  • Octopus Pieces Cooked

  • Octopus Whole

  • Seafood Mix